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Spread the Word

NC is known nationwide for our large collaborative network of healthcare agencies, assisters and navigators.  We actively work together and share successes so that we can provide the best possible services to you and your loved ones.  And in the western part of the state, many of us live in more rural areas with our own unique healthcare needs. Even though we’re in the third year of open enrollment, we still need your support in getting the word out – especially in reaching people who haven’t taken the time yet to see what their personal healthcare options are in Western North Carolina.  Now that the penalties are much higher for not having insurance in 2016, more and more people will find that they’ll gain by signing up for insurance during this open enrollment (Nov 1, 2015 to Jan 31, 2016) You can help if you know anyone who:

  • paid the penalty on their tax return for not having insurance
  • lost insurance coverage from their employer
  • retired early (under 65) and not yet eligible for Medicare
  • had a recent change in income that could make them newly eligible for help
  • recently graduated from college or moved out on their own
  • started their own business
  • you care about and want to make sure their health is covered

Just telling the people you know what you’ve learned about healthcare insurance help is really all that we ask of you.  That alone will make the biggest difference in their lives and the ongoing health of your community. But if you want to do more, we welcome your participation.  Please contact us if you are interested in the following:

  • becoming a Volunteer Navigator in your neighborhood
  • having your organization/business become a Champion for Coverage
  • providing a business location for Navigators to meet with the public or your employees/group
  • helping create an enrollment event at your community center, church or other gathering place
  • arranging for one of us to speak at your next civic group or other meetings
  • getting specialized information and printed materials out for your clientele
  • just want to get more information to share with your friends and family

You can make a difference and we appreciate your support!